About Us

We are an Irish family business on the West Coast of Ireland.  In 2010 I decided to start my own business ... At over 50 myself I needed a hand to get up the hills on a bike and wanted to enjoy the views without feeling like I'd been in a Tour De France style race.  I looked around Europe, Germany in particular, and found E bikes.  I found my answer!  We started ElectricEscapes as an E bike tour company with a simple idea.  We wanted everyone of all ages and abilities to be able to enjoy cycling and even more so the beautiful scenery of the West Coast of Ireland in a relaxed way.

We started using KALKHOFF bikes on our bike tours on  the Wild Atlantic Way of Ireland way back in 2010.  We road tested every brand available but ended up buying 10 KALKHOFFS.  We chose KALKHOFF  because we figured if they can perform here then they can perform anywhere!  Since then we have supplied Kalkhoff bikes to other many tour operators and individuals all over Ireland.  From the Burren to Donegal, the Kalkhoff bikes are giving long lasting cycling enjoyment.  We sold so many that we got the Distributorship for Ireland and now supply bike shops too.  Although selling the bikes is great we still love our tours and couldn't do them without our trusted Kalkhoff bikes.  The bikes themselves have won quality awards and it is this quality that lets us just enjoy the scenery and ride without effort or fuss.  It has led to our customers and us winning awards for our tours using the bikes for sustainable transport and more.

Now the bikes are no longer just for comfort and over 50's like me but mountain bikes, speed pedelecs & cool commuter style bikes too and the age demographic is getting lower!  So whatever your age or ability or if you haven't cycled in years, just get on an a KALKHOFF  E- bike and have some fun. 

Ask our dealers & agents all along the WAW and all throughout Ireland including Cork & Dublin for a test drive today. 

CONTACT US:  lovemybikeireland@gmail.com Call us on 09856611 or 0877451155 OR Contact any of our official Kalkhoff dealers below for a test drive today.