Intergrale i11 Speed


The IMPULSE EVO is the premier mid-drive engineered in Germany. With an updated motor housing and shorter wheelbase the EVO system is optimize for sporty use. Based on the IMPULSE EVO, the RS version boasts a more powerful EVO drive at 612 Wh. IMPULSE EVO RS has an extra level of assistance, Ultra mode which provides impressive maximum assistance. Only the IMPULSE EVO RS Speed motor, which assists speeds of up to 28 mph, has greater power reserves.

– Stronger gear unit, designed for a maximum torque of 100 Nm
– Noise reduced by 50%
– Additional pedalling cadence sensor integrated in the motor for even more sensitive control of the power assist function
– Innovative multi-tooth axis for safe crank assembly
– The lighting system is supplied via the motor
– Bold designs, uncompromised power

Battery:  Whether fully integrated or or elegantly placed on the down tube, both IMPULSE EVO battery versions use the same technology. With 50 high-performance cells and a capacity of 17 Ah, under ideal conditions* power reserves can provide a range of up to 125 miles on one charge. This new battery generation also boasts durability, simple handling and rapid recharging. The charging socket, also serves as a service interface, this dual functionality makes it simple to perform system software updates.

Display & Control Unit:  The new IMPULSE EVO Smart Display makes use of smartphone technology and functions as an e-bike on-board computer and a Bluetooth capable navigation system. A standard USB socket on the back of the display offers a convenient place to charge your smartphone.

The IMPULSE EVO Control Unit is e-bike handling made easy. The ergonomically designed control panel offers you full control of the IMPULSE EVO electric drive within reach. The optimized design and elegant back lighting guarantees safe operation of the functions and displays without having to take your hands off the handlebars.