Kalkhoff City Glider

€499.00 €899.00



 How does the Kalkhoff City Glider Ride?

The Kalkhoff City Glider is the prettiest bike in town. 

  1. But in contemporary aluminum form.
  2. mudguards, chain guard and luggage carrier in frame color.
  3. Wide touring saddle with chrome-flashed spring frame. More Sofa than saddle !! Extra comfy. 

With its vintage feel and up to date technical features, you get the best of both worlds.

 look forward to cruising through long weekend afternoons on the stylish Kalkhoff City Glider.

The upright riding style of this bike makes you feel instantly more sophisticated on the road without losing any of your speed.

With seven gears, the bike rides best when you make full use them all and don’t sit on the middle gears. It may not be a racing bike, but for a classic frame it’s fast!

As well as looking stylish, the sit up and beg style means you’re fully aware of your surroundings and makes users more aware of other road users than other styles of bike have in the past.

One of the favourite design features on the bike are the leather handles and saddle with hand stitching.

The wide saddle makes for a seriously comfortable ride and the saddle suspension helps with the smooth ride, cancelling out any bumps along the way.

The smooth ride is definitely set up for commuters, with the chain guard making it the perfect clothes friendly frame and the pannier rack at the back making it easy to carry work or shopping bags.  It is also possible to add a pretty basket that makes the user want to carry a lovely bunch of flowers every morning!!!



// Comfortable aluminium frame
// New 26u201d XS/42 cm frame size
// New stylish design
// Retro-look LED front light

Shifter Shimano Nexus
Crankset Prowheel, alloy
Gear ratio front: 42, rear: 19
Brakes Tektro 855, V-Brake
Headlight Büchel Retro Sport, LED
Frame Deep 2, alloy
Fork Urban Comfort, rigid
Stem alloy
Handlebar Mooncruiser
Saddle Comfort Classic
Seatpost Concept
Rims Schuermann YAK19
Brake lever Shimano DH-C3000, hub dynamo
Tires Schwalbe Road Cruiser, 47-559
Carrier Comfort, alloy

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