Cruise your city in style on Kalkhoff's Durban G9 Trapeze. With the pedal-boosting power of a 250-watt Groove Go motor, you'll be able to make quick work of your daily commute or trip to the local coffee shop. The 36V lithium ion battery provides ample juice to carry you up to 45 kilometers, so you won't need to stress over battery life. The aluminum front and rear racks makes the Durban the perfect urban steed, as its easy to knock out your errands on your way home. Quality 8-speed Shimano drivetrain components and Shimano's hydraulic disc brakes top things off and make the Durban the perfect machine for your inner whimsical flaneur.


The Kalkhoff Durban: the perfect e-bike for the big city has finally arrived. In keeping with the concept of “less is more”, the three new Durban models are based on lightweight, durable Groove Go rear wheel motors and small, efficient battery packs. Stylish, robust and astonishingly affordable.


The Groove Go is Kalkhoff’s new urban drive system. Extremely simple operation and light-weight components, the Groove Go drive system utilizes a weight-optimized rear-wheel gear motor and a responsive 7 Ah battery. Perfect for the city life where light weight and cost effective outweight long range.

Motor: Compact and robust: the Groove Go rear hub motor (36V/250 W) is powerful and smooth, making it the perfect choice for the Kalkhoff Durban e-bikes. The rear drive is gentle on the drive train, which benefits the service life of the chain and the sprocket as well as the gear-shifting.

The system is switched on or off by pressing the battery button for three seconds. Briefly pressing the button again activates the required power-assist modes of 100%, 50 % or 0%. And that‘s all you need to do. Blue or green LEDs indicate the system‘s current power-assist mode and the charge state of the removable battery.

Battery:  Why carry around more energy than you need? With 7 Ah / 252 Wh, the small Groove Go battery still has more energy reserves than would usually be needed for a day of riding in the city. Ranges of up to 28 miles can be achieved with one battery charge under optimal conditions.

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