LoveMyBikeLocater! Velocate.


We were always asked... How do we make sure our beautiful & valuable Kalkhoff bike is safe ? We recommended the usual quality locks etc BUT  then we found Velocate. We now provide this product  for our customers. We also provide a company fleet version too! 

Track your bike with GPS. Set up the app on your phone and track your bike. 


Set up alarms , tracking and more. Easy to set up and once done the product is for life. 

Fits all bikes and very user friendly.Even I can use it.  German made quality product. 

Set up for individuals or fleet managment . 

  • Easy configurability and usability via app
  • Integrated Bluetooth localization (to find the bike, for example, in a garage or cellar
  • Automatic charging via the dynamo or pedelec battery
  • Europe-wide tracking service for stress-free cycling trips
  • Simplest installation: Download app - connect - done